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What You Need to Know


Appointment Time

You should allow at least 2 hours for your initial appointment especially if allergy testing is performed. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we may be able to work you into the schedule but your total appointment time may be much longer.

Forms Needed

Having your current insurance information verified and referral from your primary care physician (if needed), patient information sheets filled out and pertinent medical records available prior to your appointment time will expedite the check-in process. We have provided all information sheets needed at your first appointment on this website. You should download them from this site, print them out, fill them in and bring them with you for your appointment.

Allergy Testing

We Offer On-Site Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Routine allergy testing can be performed within the allocated appointment time provided you are not currently taking antihistamines. Specialized allergy testing including antibiotics, drugs, stinging insects or other biologicals can not be performed at the initial visit unless prior arrangements have been made with our testing nurse (not front office staff). Serum or blood testing for allergens may be drawn or ordered at your initial visit even if you are on antihistamines. Results of blood tests may take up to 2 weeks.

Please refer to the following list of medications to stop at least seven days prior to your visit so that testing may be performed. You may need to consult with your primary care or other prescribing physician about the appropriateness of stopping any medications.

List of Medications

Antihistamines● Actifed● Ah-Chew● Alka-Selzer Plus Night Time Cold Medication● Allegra, Allegra D● Anti - HST● Arizona Natural Cold & Flu Medication● Astelin Nasal Spray● Astepro● Atarax● Atrohist● Bendadryl● Bromfed, Bromfed PD● Brovex, Brovex D● Chlortrimeton, Chlorpheniramine● Clarinex● Claritin, Claritin D● Clear Motion & Digestive Aid● Dallergy● Dimetane, Dimetane Cough Syrup● Dimetapp, Dimetapp Cold Allergy Elixir● Drixoral● Duratap● Endal● Extendryl● Histussin● Hycomine Compound● Itch X● Kronofed● Naldecon● Nolahist● Nolamine● Novahistine● Nytal● Ocu Hist● Omnihist II LA● Palgic● Patanase● Percogesic● Periactin● Q Dall AR, Q Dall● Rescon, Rescon Jr.● Ringstop● Robitussin Cough Liquid● Rondec● Ru-Tuss● Rynatan● Rynatuss● Safetussin● Semprex● Serenite Jr.● Singlet● Sinulin● Sleep MD● Sominex● Sudal 12● Tavist, Tavist D● Triaminic Orange, Triaminic Nite Lite (Purple)● Tussionex● Tylenol Cold, Tylenol PM, Tylenol Severe Allergy, Tylenol Flu● VasoBid● VasoTab● Vicks NyQuil● Vistaril● Xyzal● Zyrtec, Zyrtec-D

Generic Antihistamines● Acrivastine● Azatadine● Azelastine● Brompheniramine● Cetirizine● Chlorpheniramine● Clemastine● Cyproheptadine● Diphehydramine● Fexofenadine● Hydroxyzine● Loratidine● Phenidamine● Promethazine● Pyrilamine● Remeron● Trimethobenzamide

Eye Drops with Antihistamines● Elestat● Emadine Eye Drops● Livostin Eye Drops● Optivar● Pantanol● Zaditor● Bepreve● Lastacaft● Pataday● Pazeo

Anti-Reflux/ Ulcer Medications● Pepcid● Tagamet● Zantac● Famotadine● Cimetidine● Ranitidine

Anti-Nausea Medications● Compazine● Dramamine● Phenergan● Tigan

Antidepressants● Anafranil-Clomipramine● Desipramine● Doxepin-Sinequan● Elavil-Amitripyline● Imipramine● Mitazapine● Norpramin● Pamelor-Nortriptyline● Seroquel● Surmontil-Trimipramine● Tofranil

Nasal Sprays with Antihistamines● Astepro● Astelin● Azelastine● Patanase● Olopatadine● Dymista