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  • Participation

    Why should I volunteer for a clinical research trial?
    Participation in clinical trials can possibly benefit you and help many others. A new medication or procedure can possibly reduce and/or improve symptoms or perhaps, even offer a cure for an illness. Clinical research is essential in order to discover new and better ways to treat diseases and disorders.
    Most studies also provide study related medical care, study medication and any required lab work or testing at no charge. Compensation for your time and travel for participating in a study may also be provided.
    For more information about our studies, or to be considered for participation, please contact the Oklahoma Institute of Allergy & Asthma Clinical Research. All inquiries will be CONFIDENTIAL!

  • What's a clinical research trial?

    A clinical research trial is a closely controlled, medically supervised research study to determine the safety and effectiveness of a medication, medical treatment, or device. Clinical trials are an important step in making new medications available for you and future generations.

    The patients relationship with their physician or primary care provider will continue during the clinical research trial process. Patients that enter a clinical research trial will only receive care related to the study for a fixed period of time.

    To help you decide whether or not to participate, Lesley or Lea (our research coordinators), will fully explain the details of the study. This process of learning key facts about a clinical research trial before deciding whether or not to participate is known as informed consent. Informed consent is not a binding agreement, and a patient has the option to withdraw from the clinical trial at any time.

  • How Safe are Clinical Research Trials?

    The safety and best interest of our patients is our primary concern. All clinical trial patients receive a great deal of medical attention from our staff. The FDA is responsible in regulating the safety and effectiveness of investigational medications.

    The patients relationship with their physician or primary care provider will continue during the clinical research trial process. Patients that enter a clinical research trial are also encouraged to inform their primary physician of their research study involvement.

  • Who is elegible for a Clinical Trial?

    Each study has specific requirements such as medical condition, age and sex. A Physician will review each person’s medical history and determine if he/she meets the clinical criteria for participation.

  • What does it cost to be in a Study?

    There is no fee to participate in a study. All study related exams, study medications and lab tests are at no charge to you. In fact, most studies allow compensation for your time and travel for being in the study.

  • Who performs the exam and supervises the study?

    We have a dedicated research staff consisting of physicians and nurses. Any research study requiring special testing or procedures is outsourced to highly qualified, board-certified physicians. All of our medical staff is trained with good clinical practice in mind. We also attend sponsored training programs under FDA guidelines to further our knowledge of clinical trials.


Amy Liebl Darter, MD, CPI 

Medical Director

Clinical Research Experience: 12 Yrs. Phases: 2,3,4 Degree: MD, CPI Specialties: Allergy/Immunology, Internal Medicine, Pediatric Allergy/Immunology Therapeutic Areas of Clinical Research Trials and Completions (28NOV2016)

19 Asthma 16 Rhinitis (Allergic, Non-Allergic & Pediatric) 6 Immunodeficiency 3 Hereditary Angioedema 1 Cough 1 Medical Devices Alpha One Antitrypsin Atopic Dermatitis Bronchitis Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Common Cold Contact Dermatitis Food Allergy Food Allergy Desensitization Headaches Migraine Headaches Nasal Polyps Pharyngitis Rhinitis (Allergic) Rhinitis (Non-allergic) Sinusitis Spirometry Urticaria Vaccines Prof Organization(s) AAAAI,ACAAI,OAS,OSMA,OCMS,AMA,AAPP,APPI,ACRP

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    The Oklahoma Institute of Allergy and Asthma Clinical Research, LLC is a multi-specialty site that has participated in over 60 studies and offers study placement with personal service. Our Certified Principal Investigator, Certified Coordinator, Certified Research Phlebotomist, Research Infusion Nurse, Research Assistant and Sub-Investigators are GCP-trained, as well as highly experienced and compliant with ICH and HIPAA guidelines. We use central IRBs and offer a quick turnaround on budget preparation and regulatory documentation. We pride ourselves on timely, quality data using our entry experience on multiple EDC systems and other specialized research equipment. Our dedicated, research area has ample laboratory space, an on-site DEXA/Axial bone density scanner and Xoran MiniCat, private- keyed lockers, as well as, a locking freezer and refrigerator, ECG machine, microscope, PFT equipment, serum mixing station, manual weight scale, Burkard volumetric pollen/spore recording trap, and 2 centrifuges. Our site also provides remarkable monitoring amenities with Wi-Fi and hard-wired internet. We offer a full crash cart and have CPR trained staff on hand. Our stand-alone facility is located in the far northwest Oklahoma City/Edmond area for ease of access to suburban & rural areas. The use of central and/or local lab utilization services are permissible with on-site CLIA. Currently, our database contains over 15,000 patients ranging in age from 6 weeks to over 99 years & we also have an exceptionally high retention rate.