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Patient Reviews


Read the Success Stories of our Happy Patients

Read the success stories of our happy patients

"Got bad allergy since 1987 and have gone thru many many clinic in the past and got good and bad clinic/staff. Yukon Clinic is by far over the top! The clinic is really clean and their staff is awesome, they know you by name and make you feel welcome and comfortable."


My ten year old son has suffered with allergies for several years: sneezing, coughing, watery and itchy eyes. He usually wakes up miserable every day! Until he started allergy injections in your office! He started immunotherapy about seven weeks ago and is a changed young man! Not only have most of his allergy symptoms disappeared, he feels better overall with more energy. I’m so grateful to Oklahoma Institute of Allergy & and Asthma and especially Katie, the PA for diagnosing and treating him so effectively. Now it is my turn to begin the process of getting rid of my allergies!! Can’t wait for my appointment – I’m looking forward to feeling as good as my son!!


We have been going to the Oklahoma Institute of Allergy and Asthma for over 3 years now. We have been to many allergy clinics and your just a number every where else. Our first visit we met with Dr. Darter and instantly felt like she was concerned with our son and getting him the best treatment for his food allergies. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.


The people that work here are amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone that needs these type of services. The nurses and doctors truly care for their patients and go above and beyond to help! Cari my infusion nurse is one of the most caring nurses I’ve ever had the pleasure to be treated by!


Our daughter has severe food allergies and has been hospitalized. Dr. Darter and her staff are amazing at handling us with care and providing our family with the safest and most current treatments. We see Dr. Darter every visit and have experienced all her PAs who are terrific. They treat us with compassion and care.


After going to Amy Darter for less than 6 years, I am more healthly now than I was after 18 years of treatment by another allergy treatment center. She has helped me so much. Before going to her, I was in hospitalized with asthma several times and was sick with allergies almost daily. I am thankful to her for the help she has given me. I have recommended her to many people I know.


There are simply not enough doctors like Dr. Darter. She is one in a million. She has helped me through the most challenging time in my life and she did it all with a smile. She left no stone un-turned, she is truly a life saver. Thank you Dr. Darter and staff, you made my journey a pleasant one.

The Miller Family

I have a very rare immune deficiency. Thank God for Dr. Darter!!! She is so caring, works with me, & spends time with me. I have multiple health problems, many her specialty, & I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Darter, a beautiful person & the best doctor.


I have to give this facility 5 stars. we have been going to Dr Darter for just over 1 year and Luke is doing great. He hasn’t missed any school due to asthma since we started. we’ve been to both clinics and everyone is great. But we get our regular shots at Yukon and Marquita and Tashina are fantastic! they make me laugh and they have taken them time to get to know us on a personal level. THANK YOU!


I was “avoiding life” as they say, then made an appointment at the Edmond office and Dr. Darter changed my life! She spent time with me to determine a treatment plan and got a treatment schedule set up for me. I didn’t understand the importance of having to wait 30min after my injections, but the ladies at the window explained to me how I could have a reaction and they want to keep me safe. This office is all about patients and patient safety! I can say I am no longer avoiding life!


Dr. Darter is one of the best docs that I have been to in awhile. She is very knowledgable, and with her advise and treatments, I am much better now than I was a year ago. Thanks, and I will recommend your office to all my friends!


I am a police officer in Oklahoma. I went through a period of getting dizzy and sick to my stomach. Dr.Darter was able to diagnose me accurately as having A-Typical mygrains headaches. I did some research and many doctors misdiagnose this illness. Dr.Darter helped me and got me back on duty. She is awesome and a very compassionate person. I would recommend her to anyone.


The Oklahoma Institute of Allergy and Asthma is an exceptionally patient-centered collection of very competent nurses, PA’s and physicians. They are very attuned to the needs of asthmatics and go about their business in a friendly, professional manner. My nurse suffers from asthma so was able to understand my needs from first hand experience. Dr Darter is an unbelievable human being. I would recommend OIAA to anyone. Note: I’m 63 years old and have been around asthmatics and others with chronic lung diseases for my entire life. OIAA IS GOOD!