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IV Nutrition


The Peak (Performance) 

Training hard or pushing your body to any extreme can quickly cause exhaustion, deplete essential nutrients, and cause the buildup of lactic acid in our body. 
Combat muscle fatigue and dehydration by choosing our IV PEAK for enhancing your athletic performance and encouraging a quicker recovery time when you train often.


The Immune Boost

Adequate levels of hydration are an essential part of a healthy immune system but also there are many essential vitamins and nutrients that are lost when we are ill, especially if there is frequent vomiting or chronic diarrhea involved. This is an immune boosting infusion therapy to explore a healthier you no matter what. This treatment also promotes better sleep, decreasing stress, and lessening the stress that travel brings to your body. The best way to ensure you stay healthy is to make sure your immune system is performing at an optimal level to stay healthy and lessen bouts of illness. Perfect for those affected by COVID.


The Meyers Cocktail

This well known infusion cocktail helps with fatigue, decrease mental fog, pre or post illness, as it delivers essential nutrients to all tissues. IV TMC will boost your energy and immune system naturally. 
It is ideal for hangovers, recent illness with virus or bacterial infections, asthma or allergy flares, inflammatory conditions and athletic recovery.


 The Recover (Hangover)

Our Hangover Reversal infusion combines essential restorative fluids, recovery vitamins, and electrolytes to prehydrate before or rehydrate after a long night. This quick recovery infusion helps put the long night behind you by boosting a quicker recovery time to get you on your feet again.


The Revive

Beauty in a Bag, our IV Revive is formulated with antioxidants, vitamins and
minerals known to detox the body and combat the signs of aging.

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