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Immune testing Q&A


  • What is immune testing and why should I be tested?

    When the body’s natural defenses don’t work as they should, a person becomes more susceptible to infections (viral or bacterial) that vary in severity and frequency, and/or develop inflammatory conditions that ultimately complicate recovery. It is possible that the antibodies which normally combat infection are low, fail to work properly, or even absent. A closer look at the immune cells that produce antibodies and those cells that play a major role in the immune system may reveal a better understanding of the nuances of the body’s built-in defenses. 
    This will help your doctor more definitively diagnose and manage an underlying immune issue. 
    A quick check of your immune competence, especially in these days of uncertainty in a pandemic, will enable you and your doctor to know if you are at higher risk of serious complications if you are infected with the virus. Amerimmune empowers you to make the best health decisions. 

  • What does it involve?

    Immune testing is a simple blood test. You will have your blood collected in the office. There is no need for fasting.

  • Will insurance pay for the test?

     Flow cytometry is a high-complexity test that is a covered service by most PPO Health plans. Insurance policies are unique and vary in allowances, therefore we encourage patients to contact their carrier prior to testing.
    If you are unsure:Contact the member benefits department of your carrier to determine if codes 88184, 88185, and 88189 are covered by your plan.

  • How will I receive my results?

    Your results will be sent directly to your ordering provider with an interpretation and recommendations based on clinical history given in 1 week if all required items have been received by the lab. Every report will include interpretation and recommendations based on clinical history given. No reports will be given directly to the patient.

  • How long does it take to get results?

    Full analysis with interpretation and recommendations is dependent on timely receipt of the supporting labs (CBC and any others requested by your provider). The typical turn-around time is 7-10 days. 

  • Are there any forms I need to fill out before being tested?

    Yes. Once your provider places the order, you will receive a release form requesting you to provide your insurance information and your signature.

  • Is this a reference lab?

    No. We are a private practice with a very robust immune lab. Your physician is utilizing our laboratory’s diagnostic capabilities to better guide them in the management of your care.